1917 - Estalishment of the Fire Company

The South Hanover Volunteer Fire Company, better known as Company 47, is an all volunteer company that proudly protects the residents of South Hanover Township and neighboring communities. From its modest beginning in 1917 it has developed into the fire company it is today.

In 1908, a devastating fire destroyed two homes and a stable. The town, being without fire protection, mutual aid from three neighboring companies had to be summoned, but it would be nine more years before a fire company was formed. On May 28th, 1917, the South Hanover Fire Company was born to protect South Hanover Township. The company started out with only 15 members, whose first order of business was to acquire a firehouse and a fire truck.

The first firehouse was an old school house purchased for 1 dollar. A model T Ford was fitted with hand pumpers. In 1946, an old government surplus truck was purchased from Middletown Air Depot. It was only used for a few years before a cracked engine block forced its retirement.


1958 - New Primary Fire Station

The company was out-growing its building and made plans for a new fire station and decided it would be located to the rear of the original firehouse, work started the following year. In 1958, the new station was completed and the company moved in and the old station was torn down to make room for a parking lot.


1963 - New Equipment

In September 1963, a new Ford Rescue/Squad truck was delivered thus giving the company two pieces of fire apparatus.


1974 - Second Location

In 1974 an old schoolhouse in Hoernerstown was purchased and converted into a second fire station.


1974 - New Equipment

In 1974 a contract was signed for a new $54,000 Mack pumper.


2016 - New Primary Fire Station

2016 - New Primary Fire Station for the Volunteer Fire Company located at 101 Patriot Way.

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2017 - 100th Year

2017 - 100th Year Anniversery of Volunteer Fire Company